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WhistlePig The Boss Hog 123.2 Proof Rye Whiskey

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WhistlePig The Boss Hog Straight Rye Whiskey

Straight Rye 123.2 Proof Whiskey

Whistle Pig - The Boss Hog is a barrel strength, single barrel straight rye whiskey, aged for 12 ½ to 13 years in Vermont. It is rare, a limited edition drawn from only 24 of their finest barrels. Not one single, solitary drop of water has been added, resulting in a mighty, powerful, full flavored whiskey
possessing intense rye spices set opposite a fabulous balance and enduring smoothness which, even at this high proof, combine together to deliver an exceptional drinking experience.

Whiskey Pig warn that Boss Hog should be approached for the first time with some caution. Just a small sip of this golden honey liquid to begin with, allowing your palate to acclimatize to the torrent of flavors that will be encountered/

It possesses deep, warming aromas. Subtle woods and soft caramel with hints of the rye spiciness to come. The initial taste is powerful, pumpkin pie spicy. Cloves, nutmeg, allspice, ginger and cinnamon assault the mouth. As these begin to subside Whistle Pig's signature overlong finish, featuring rich sweet caramel, sumptuous vanilla and smooth creamy butterscotch takes over. The taste moves further forward, bringing with it berries and fruit, leather and dark chocolate.

Approach with caution. Love it with wild abandon.