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WhistlePig Old World 12 Year Old Port

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WhistlePig Old World 12 Year Old Port

With one declared aim in life 'to make the worlds finest whiskey'; in achieving this aim the folk at WhistlePig are unafraid to put in the hard-yards.

Down on their farm they’ve spent a good deal of time studying, followed by careful experimentation using their finest 12 year Rye Whiskey and finishing it using the same methods so successfully employed across the pond in days gone by.

Joining WhistlePig Old World Madeira and Old World Sauternes, WhistlePig Old World Port finish marries their highly acclaimed 12 year Rye by skilfully finishing it in premium European oak Port casks.

A fortified red desert wine with its roots in the 17th century, Port is made from grapes native to the Douro Valley, Portugal. It's signiture sweetness, achieved by the addition of Aguardiente, a distillate of wine that halts the fermentation process and leaves behind an excess of sugar. This sugar boosts Port's alcohol content making it particularly potent.

Traditionally prior to being bottled, Port would be casked and laid down to age in caves. Using traditionally matured Port casks to finish WhitlePig 12 year Rye has laced this expression with Port’s rich dried fruit and maple syrup notes, accentuated the matured rye’s slightly sweet composition and balanced its overtly spicey finish.

The maple syrup is present at once in the nose, joined by roasted nuts, and abundant juicy raisins. The mouthfeel is full and rich; flavoured with Rye bread, raw cacao, summer-fresh strawberries, and exotic ginger. The finish is exquisite. Dark syrupy demerara, raw cacao and dried cake-fruit

An experimental release WhistlePig Old World Series Port Finish is bottled by hand and available only in very limited supply.