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Whistle Pig Old World 12 Year Old Rye Whiskey

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WhistlePig Old World 12 Year Old French Sauternes

The Old World series of expressions explores how WhistlePig 12 Year Old American Rye behaves when it is subjected to some of the most traditional and well-loved wine-making techniques of Europe.

The first release of this limited edition experimental WhistlePig Old World Series, Sauternes joins together the elegance of centuries old Sauternes wine from the Bordeaux region of France with WhistlePig 12 Year Rye and finds that it behaves rather impeccably.

Scarce and therefore highly sought after, Sauternes, is a sweet wine made only from the Sémillon, Sauvignon blanc, and Muscadelle grapes grown in the Sauternes Region of Bordeaux, France. Only grapes affected by Botrytis Cinerea or 'Noble Rot', a plant disease common in this region of France are used in the pressing. The unique yet delicate micro-climate of dense morning fog, followed by arid afternoon heat causes this climate specific rot, the affected fruit becoming partially raisined and giving the wine possession of its intense signature flavor.

Aged in premium French Sauternes Casks, and bottled by hand 12 Year the WhistlePig Old World Sauternes expression retains the chutzpah of the Rye. This boldness though gives way, it has been gently tamed, touched by the elegant sweetness and rich regality of its distinctive Sauternes geneology.

Its remarkable bouquet it is suggestive of salted caramel and sun-rippened honeydew melon. The flavor of wild meadow honey, pistachio nuts and soda bread. The finish is tangy; salty taffy and yellow birch.