UV Vodka 750ml


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UV Vodka

UV Vodka

The UV Vodka is an affordable award winning Vodka that continues to grace the palates of many vodka lovers across the states. The quality and drinkability across the panels continually rate its success to be among the best.

Nose: grains, saps, heat quickly fade lightly floral

Palate: The bitters from the cocoa come hard and quickly, slight forward taste with the burn heating up

Finish: Hot, long and lingering

Overall, safe to say the UV Vodka is more for the one who enjoys having several bottles on hand at once or who is having large crowds and needs to conserve for variety purposes. It is a hard, strong and holding flavor that stays with you long after you have finished your drink. UV will shine through in the lighter mixed drinks but remains its best-selling point in terms of quantity and quality.