TY - KU SoJu Liqueur 750ml


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TY KU Soju Liqueur

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TY KU Soju

1/2 the Calories and Twice the Taste of Vodka. Asia's best kept secret, Soju (also known as Shochu) is the #1 distilled spirit in the world. TY KU Soju updates this ancient spirit by producing an unbelievably smooth beverage that is lower in calories* and more versatile than vodka. Its superiority is the result of expert small batch distillation & cold filtration, utilizing 100% premium barley. TY KU Soju is crafted from the finest all natural ingredients with no additives, no preservatives and no sweeteners. TY KU Soju is best sipped chilled and enhances the natural flavors of fresh fruits and juices without the need of added sugar, creating better balanced, better tasting and lower calorie* premium cocktails.

Soju vs. Vodka

With only 1/2 the calories of most vodkas, TY KU Soju is the natural choice for calorie conscious consumers. Unlike Vodka, which demands extra flavors & sugars to mask its harsh taste, TY KU Soju has a smoother taste --- from start to finish. It is specially crafted to be a flavor catalyst so it absorbs the flavor of fruits, mixers and other fresh ingredients and allows you to create your favorite vodka cocktails with half the calories and double the flavor.