TY - KU Sake Coconut 720ml


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Ty Ku Sake Nigori Coconut

TY - KU Sake Coconut

Ty - Ku Sake Coconut is a fresh and delectable Nigori Sake with beautiful aromas of coconut maroon, gelato, ginger ale and fruity caramel. It`s flavor is off dry with a medium body and features a hint of jicama, pepper, mint with a delightful finish of coconut-almond. Known as "Cloudy Sake," the secret to Nigori sake's lusciously sweet flavor is the small amount of rice purposefully unfiltered to leave behind a rich, creamy taste. 

A bronze medal winner at the World Wine Championships with an impressive rating of 8, Ku Coconut Nigori is a sensuous delight that will be thoroughly enjoyed by any Sake fan.