Twelve Five Rye Congenial 750m


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Congenial Twelve Five Rye Whiskey

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Twelve Five Rye Whiskey

Inviting you to ‘Lose You Prohibition’, Twelve Five Rye Whiskey is authentically hand crafted in small batches using an original rye, barley and corn recipe. Mashing locally sourced ingredients this is distilled in beautiful Swisher, eastern Iowa, then barrel aged for a minimum of 2 years in charred American Oak casks.

At bottling each cork is sealed by hand, the seal bearing words spoken upon the repeal of Prohibition by Franklyn D Roosevelt’ on ‘Twelve Five’ 1933; “What America Needs Now Is A Drink”.

Toast to a time when rye whiskey was the ‘spirit of choice’ across America. With Prohibition lifted you are free to become enraptured. However you enjoy this smooth bodied spirit, lose yourself in its complex taste and aroma. Drink it neat, poured over ice, or harmonize it with other ingredients to make killer cocktails.

Amber hued from barrel aging, the aroma is heady and the mouthfeel smooth. It softly coats the mouth in rich exotic vanilla and sweet toffee, delicately layered with intriguing spices. This gives way slowly velvety sweet at the finish