Tullibardine Sovereign 750ml


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Tullibardine Sovereign Whisky

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Tullibardine Sovereign Whisky

A whiskey that is so fresh and inviting it inspires one to relax and enjoy its fruit and sweets inspired greatness. Take it, enjoy it, but I am not so sure you will want to share it among your friends, this one may be the old that gets hidden just because it will be the one for the fun moments.

The delicious scents of vanilla, pears, chocolate and hint of oak have you closing your eyes to enjoy and envision the scents and a shot or two.

The flavors of malts and allspice combine with pear, apples and creamy chocolate blend together in perfect unison.

Coming together to form a perfect combination and complete what could only be a fine shot or sipper, the finish is a blend of a creamy and spicy vanilla with a butter based Apple pie but please don’t’ leave out the cocoa powder. It’s a slightly long and enjoyable experience.