Why Craft Beer and Whiskey are so popular

Posted by Zya on 09 18 2014

They’ve never been in more demand than they are right now, but what is it about Craft Beers and Whiskeys that make them just so darned good? (Part 1)

Stone IPA

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I think it’s a lot to do with us wanting the old kind of quality and care. A harkening back to the past when things were done a little less hastily, when we had and made time. Time if you will, to pay attention.

This is what the craftsmanship of these fine beverages is all about. Paying attention.

It isn't about the end product being rare or exclusive in any way. It’s simply about the enjoyment in the making and taste experience of the end product.

If that beer you are looking at is seasonal and limited, it’s only so because, for the rest of the year the ingredients needed are not ready and need more time to grow and mature.

A craftsman makes sure everything that goes in is there for a reason. They have skill and experience choosing each ingredient, not by price and abundance, but because of its origin its quality. Because of what it will bring to the glass when your drink is finally poured.

This is taking time, paying attention and lavishing care.

The people who brew and distill our craft whiskey and craft beers make it for the love of it;Their heart and soul are in Every. Single. Drop.

That’s why it's made in small batches. For the makers, it isn't about mass production and distribution, but quality and authenticity. Creating these nectars is their passion.

The making of these drinks is about attitude and approach, flexibility, a wish to experiment even. However, the outcome must always, always be about our satisfaction. These mighty beers and whiskeys have been made, almost as if, well, just for you.

Now, it is here, it is time for us, we can now take time and these are products than demand our attention. They are powerful and yet artfully subtle.