Why Craft Beer and Whiskey are so popular Part 2

Posted by Zya on 10 02 2014

Let's try imagining a perfect evening. A chilled glass of beer, wet with condensation; Its fragrant kiss is its head as it gently touches your lips. As you tilt the glass and the liquid enters your mouth; cool, slightly bitter as it begins to slide down your throat and you… swallow.

God that’s good. You tip the glass again and drink deep and long. Prop your feet up, lean right back back and breathe. Oh yeah! Utter contentment. This is when it's all right in the world. This is the drink that refreshes you.

It gives relief at the end of a long day.

You might be alone now, or in great company. Sharing a bottle of your most recent great find. What could be nicer than discussing its merits, comparing it with another and discovering perhaps another beer for your favourites list?

Maybe you have chosen a selection of beers to sample or one you have been eagerly anticipating?

And later as the evening wears on, you’re so mellowed out. Soon the day will reach its peak and reach its final….conclusion.

Now is the time to grab a tumbler. Hear in your mind the clink, clink as the ice as it hits the base of the vessel. Now, the unmistakable sound of the bottle being slowly unscrewed. Gently the aroma of your finely distilled whiskey reaches out and enters your nostrils… as you begin…. to pour.

Finished? Hmmm, no, maybe little more. Why not?

Now you can salute the days’ end in the finest tradition.

Settle down. The ice has cooled the rich, sexy, amber fluid. The glass touches and tilts once again against your lips. It feels great as the fluid enters and rests just a moment, wrapping itself around your tongue. At first it’s cold and yet, a gentle warmth spreads throughout your mouth and spreads down your throat as you swallow.

This is an experience.

This is perfection and ultimate pleasure.

What is it about Craft Beers and Whiskeys that make them just so darned good?


Go on, You know you want to. It’s time to experience this for yourself.