Stone Brewery – CRIME

Posted by vinny on 02 05 2014

Stone Brewing 2013 Series Crime

Crime is one part of Stone’s Crime and Punishment duo of in your face peppery beer. Built on their Lukcy Basartd Ale, Crime is a blend of their proprietary brews, aged in bourbon barrels.

People have strong opinions about the heat level of this unique beer. Make no mistake, it’s not for the faint of heart, or those looking for a mellow but palatable flavor. Crime is definitely slap yo momma spicy. But that’s half the fun of trying Stone’s creative brews.

The aroma is divine, blending Stone’s familiar hop and caramel notes with the intense smell of dried chiles and hints of sweet bourbon.

That sweet bourbon flavor quickly gives way to intense pepper heat with hints of vanilla to balance the spice.

Crime is an innovative and intense beer, that definitely warrants a place in your selection of Stone’s offerings. Buckle up, sack up, and try this sucker. And if you’re brave enough, follow it up with its foil, Punishment.