Macallan Edition No1 750ml


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The Macallan Edition No.1 Highland Single Malt Whisky

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“The Macallan Edition No. 1”

The Macallan Edition #1 is a Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Welcome to an elegant and stylish offering that provides the rich look that one prefers to have sitting on their serving tray at all parties and get-togethers regardless of status.

Aroma –oak, slight vanilla and notes of sweet caramel slight swirl

Nose – Rich dried fruits and very faint hints of molasses

Palate-A nice and welcomed sour edge greets the palate; abundance of chocolate but not at the forefront, nice balance of citrus with spices blending it out perhaps a cinnamon and nutmeg. Oak and Vanilla still come through nicely.

Finish-A good spicy finish, take it neat for the best and most fulfilling experience.

Overall Experience- 1 st edition bottle, it will be an annual offering with this being the first bottle. Stylish, elegant and impressive. The packaging alone is a match for the bottle. Definitely a result of the rare cask, one can bask in the beauty of the light natural hue alone. The delicate combination and blending of flavors are smooth and catchy but still leave that wonderful warm feeling that we love in a good scotch.