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Macallan Fine Oak 15 Year Old Single Malt

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Macallan "Fine Oak" 15 Year Old Single Malt

92 points from the Malt Advocate. Color: Rich Straw; Nose: Full aroma with hints of rose and cinnamon; Palate: Intense rich chocolates, with hints of orange and raisins; Finish: Lingering with chocolate, hints of orange and dried fruit. 96-100 PT. - CLASSIC / Highest Recommendation - Wine Enthusiast: "An initial bouquet of the dried yellow fruit found in muesli; later on, added scents of unsweetened coconut, honey, and light toffee beautifully complement the dried fruit aroma. The palate entry is chewy and honeyed; at midpalate the dried fruit, clover, and honey flavors meld delightfully with the oily, creamy texture. Concludes sensuously and regally." F. PAUL PACULT'S