Dalmore 25 Year Scotch 750ml


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Dalmore 25 Year Old Scotch Whisky

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The Dalmore 25 Year Old Scotch Whisky

Carried out in a complex arrangement across stills, casks, butts and ports the Dalmore 25 Year Scotch still faces the liquid ownership war (2016).

In the meantime, the Scotch makes its appearance all but known in the market as one of a fine 25 year old offering fit for none other than a king in waiting as it joins its brothers

Nose: Toffee, marzipan, chocolate orange, fig cake, sweet exotic fruits

Palate: Bergamot Flavors, orange peels, sweet damsons, Sherry marinated raisins, chocolate truffles, tropical fruits, mangos, pepper spices

Finish: Maple syrup, spiced gingerbread, dark chocolate, orange

The overall results would prefer to add a dash of water for an even more robust experience to what is already clearly an enjoyable fireside conversational neat moment.

Those who prefer a rock will be relaxed and in the moment with a swirl or two but more pleasant if kept at only one.

Its excellence is one that a true gentlemen can sit and enjoy a flavorful cigar and a stoked fire.