Tequiponch Margarita RTD 750ml


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Tequiponch Margarita Cocktail RTD

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Tequiponch Margarita Cocktail RTD

The ready to drink Tequiponch Margarita comes to you ready and willing to kick things up a notch for the night.

Grab your favorite rimmed glass from the freezer and double dip it in the salt before you pour.

For even more flavorful results, if you can wait the time, let it chill to a frosty mecca before pouring into your now ready and waiting glass.

The meddling aroma quickly brings a crisp fresh bite of the fresh lime blended with the smooth, refined and celebrated premium 100% blue agave silver tequila.

Ready to pour or not, savor the crisp, cold and flavorful margarita like it was the last ounce. The same aroma's shine through in each sip and leave a lingering and slight tingle of left over salt, lime and succulent tequila on your lips until you glass is alas empty and the experience is hopefully repeated again. Some may say no! no! no! never a ready to mix, but for some it is the way to go and for those the Tequiponch Margarita RTD is the only one.