Tequila Ocho Extra Anejo 750ml


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Ocho Tequila Extra Anejo

Most Current Vintage of Ocho Tequila

Ocho Tequila's are special. Why? possibly because they are one of the few distilleries who makes their liquor slowly, in the old fashioned way. If their Tequila is special, then their Ocho Extra Anejo Tequila is extra special.

The Agave plant is tended until it's maturity, at least seven years. The harvest is timed carefully, waiting for the moment it is over ripe, rich with sugars. Cooked slowly in brick ovens during a complex process taking three to four days, it is cooled and milled to press the juice which is mixed with natural, mineral rich spring water that comes from the ground right on site. For the next four or five days it openly ferments with natural yeast, before being double distilled at room temperature, first in a stainless steel, and then a copper pot. Then it waits sitting patiently for three years in oak casks that previously were used, many times over, to age American bourbon whiskey.

Every single one of these processes, done by hand, allows for the complex, incredible depth and unique characterful flavors to develop to their fullest potential. Finally filtering, bottling and labeling is also done by hand, a further testament to the dedicated art of its creation.

Since it's made in the traditional way, we will drink it thus too. Pour into a snifter glass, swirl around and watch as it clings to the sides. Push your nose to the glass and breath deeply, allowing the incredible aromas of clove, cinnamon and white pepper spices envelope your senses. Note then the tobacco and sweet toffee tone.

Now take your sip. At once the mouthfeel is full bodied, voluptuous and robust. Become trapped in honey and vanilla sweetness you become entranced. The palate detects black and green olives and a pleasing hint of spearmint. As you swallow you savor a pleasing earthiness. The rich and abundant agave flavors are all there with an oaky woodiness imbued by the time spent aging.