Templeton Rye Barrel Strength 750ml


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Templeton Rye Barrel Strength Straight Rye Whiskey

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Templeton Rye Barrel Strength

Templeton Rye Barrel Strength, is non-age statement in nature, made of natural color, and bottled at a hearty 57.2% ABV. A limited edition release, how many are out there is not known. 

This Special 2019 release of our limited barrel strength edition is beautifully influenced by flame-charred American oak barrels. Non-chill filtered and bottled at 57.9% ABV, this exquisite whiskey delivers aromas of dark fruit and toasted almonds. Rich, peppery notes dovetail marvelously, fading into sweet floral tones and classic rye pepper that deepens into a long, spicy fininsh. Templeton Rye Barrel Strength is both complex and intriguing; it represents the expression in its purest form. This exquisite whiskey is a fitting tribute and salute to the town of Templeton - a small town with a strong spirit.