Tears of Llorona Extra 1 Liter


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Tears of Llorona No. 3 Extra Anejo Tequila

Referred to as a sipping tequila of the highest order, Tears of Llorona No. 3 Extra Anejo Tequila is extra potent and extra rare. Noted for its bold, complex flavors, this exquisite tequila is aged in a combination of former cognac, sherry, and scotch casks for a unique and daring flavor. Made with highly refined agave and boasting a rich palate with hits of chocolate, crème brûlée, and toffee, this one of a kind beverage isn't for the faint of heart.

Tasting Notes
Master Distiller Germán González Gorrochotegui suggests a wide glass that allows Tears to open up. Don’t rush into it. Let it breathe. Swirl it in the glass. And do choose your glassware carefully because this is an experience for all five senses: the deep amber, the lingering nose, the feel of the legs on the glass, the conversation that ensues, and of course, the unforgettable taste.

Caramel custard, dried fruit, and dark chocolate

Agave with a heady spiciness and complexity for experienced palates

Described best as "a warm scarf on a cold day."