Tanteo Habanero Tequila


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Tanteo Habanero Tequila

Tanteo Habanero Tequila is a spicy elixir that puts the heat in your favorite margarita. It works well on its own, or in cocktails like a Bloody Maria or a sweet and spicy Paloma.

Tanteo Habanero Tequila is a spicy twist on the traditional agave spirit. Made with 100% blue Weber agaves, this tequila is bottled unfiltered and unfettered in order to give you an intense tequila experience that focuses all of its fire on you.

NOSE: bountiful bouquet of tropical fruits from mango, passion fruit, and
pineapple kissed with agave sweetness. The nostrils are excited with the
the pepper’s piquancy
PALATE: Intense habanero flavors that mingle with the agave base, the
heat builds mid-palate but never overshadows the agave base
FINISH: Long pepper burn on the finish