Talisker Storm Scotch 750ml


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Talisker Storm Scotch

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Talisker Storm Scotch

Created to delight and intrigue adorers of the celebrated island whisky, Talisker Storm is more intense and smoky, with enhanced maritime notes that smoothly balance Talisker’s signature warm sweetness. This unique expression does not have an age statement. The Master Blender crafts the liquid from both rejuvenated and refill casks at different ages to enhance the vibrant, smoky and intense distillery character in the expression. This approach results in a blend that offers consumers of legal drinking age a lively new flavor dimension to enjoy responsibly.

“Talisker is the only distillery on the Isle of Skye. We were inspired to craft an expression as unique as the dramatic terrain of the island from where it hails,” said Diageo Master Blender Jim Beveridge. “Without the constraints of an age statement, we’ve been able to blend a range of exceptional whiskies together in one vibrant dram.”

Whisky Advocate Award: Highlands/Islands Single Malt of the Year:

Talisker in any guise is a very special and idiosyncratic single malt, defining an Island style that is all its own. The last year has seen Diageo expand the existing portfolio with three new Talisker expressions, namely Storm, Dark Storm (matured in heavily charred casks), and Port Ruighe (port finish), all released without age statements. Of this trio, Talisker Storm seems the pick, with one commentator describing it as “…everything that you love about other Taliskers with the settings turned right up.”

This whisky was named the Highlands Single Malt of the Year on December 20, 2013, by Whisky Advocate.