Talisker 30yr Scotch 750ml


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Talisker 30 Year Scotch Whisky

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Talisker 30 Year Scotch Whisky

A fascinating, subtle, multi-faceted malt of great depth that's extraordinarily complex; to be enjoyed straight, on a meditative winter's day. Plenty of Talisker character; uncommon depth and sophistication.

Subtle, with little to no nose-prickle. Immediately fresh and fruity notes (green bananas), overtaken by sweet tar and heather root. Some salt cod, iodine and intense fragrant smoke, with lemon juice and white pepper. Crisp oak; light vanilla. A drop of water freshens things: sea breezes, beach seaweed, drying fishboxes. Then it all settles, with light toffee and charred old wood.

Good texture; drinks very well at full strength. For its age, very light and simple in structure. Broader and richer than the nose and showing mature spicy notes (nutmeg). A solid, quince-like, sweet start is followed by Szechuan pepper and some salt. Water brings out the sweetness after a while, with an almost liquorous feel. A perfect balance develops between apricot Danish pastry and all enveloping smoke. Highly complex. The acidity on the nose is not evident on the palate.

Slow, sweet, generously warming and richly sustained. Fine smoky chocolate gives way to charred oak wood in a drying, waxy peat-rich conclusion.