Sweetens Cove Kennessee by Peyton Manning 750ml


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Sweetens Cove Kennessee by Peyton Manning 

From the football field to your glass, Sweetens Cove Kennessee Whiskey encapsulates the leadership and tactical brilliance that made Peyton Manning an NFL legend. Calling an audible on traditional distillation methods, this whiskey is a game-changer, strategically aged to perfection to offer you an unforgettable drinking experience.

With an opening note of spiced apple that transitions into a mid-palate of rich toffee, Sweetens Cove crosses the end zone with a velvety smooth finish. Like a well-executed playbook, this whiskey delivers complexity and satisfaction, giving you a taste of victory with every sip.

Warm toasted oak, graham cracker, rich mulled spice and orange peel, hint of dried pome fruit and sweet warm caramel, vanilla and baking spices, hint of citrus, gentle chewy oak, easy creamy mid palate for a long, lingering warmth, sweet soft woodsy finish.