Sweetens Cove 22 by Peyton Manning 750ml


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Sweetens Cove 22 by Peyton Manning

Alright, huddle up! You know how we talk about setting the standard and then exceeding it? That's what Peyton did with Sweetens Cove 22. Aged for 22 years, it’s like a playbook filled with only Hail Mary passes—every sip is a game-winner. Now, I want you to imagine Peyton in the pocket, scanning the field, shouting "Blue 42! Blue 42! Hut, Hut!" That's what taking a sip of this bourbon feels like; it's a well-orchestrated play that starts with complexity and ends in pure celebration.

From the opening snap of aromatic toasted nuts to a hurry-up offense of honey and dried fruit, this bourbon keeps the defense guessing. And just when you think the play is over, it hits you with a two-point conversion of a long, warming finish that lingers like a championship season. It’s time to go for the win, folks. If you’re looking for that extra edge in your spirits game, Sweetens Cove 22 is your first-round draft pick.


Aroma is warm mature oak, leather, sweet red fruit, raisin, clove, orange peel. Palate has autumn spices and toast, baked apple, chewy charred oak. Finished is a warm oak resin, hints of vanilla bean and ripe fruit