Sweetens Cove 21 by Peyton Manning 750ml


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Sweetens Cove 21 by Peyton Manning

Alright, hustle in! Peyton Manning's Sweetens Cove 21 is more than just bourbon; it's a master class in strategy, finesse, and execution. You know how we always say, "Champions adjust?" Well, consider this your chance to adjust your bourbon lineup. Aged for 21 years, this bourbon is like a veteran player who has seen it all and still delivers under pressure.

Kickoff begins with an "I-Formation" of lush caramel and ripe fruit notes, easily transitioning into a "Bootleg" of dark chocolate and spice. And the finish? It's like recovering a fumble in the end zone; it’s opportunistic, gratifying, and leaves you wanting to spike the ball in celebration. Don't miss your shot at greatness; draft Sweetens Cove 21 into your liquor cabinet and become the champion of your own spirits game.


Sweet toasted oak, bright ripe fruit, hint of baking spice, and vanilla bean. robust cooperage, brown sugar and toffee oak presence grows on finish.