Suntory Hibiki 17 Year Japanese Whiskey


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Suntory Hibiki 17 Year

From the orient, and a company founded in the late 1800’s by Japanese pioneer, Shinjiro Torii, comes Suntory Hibiki.

From early adulthood Shinjiro began a fascination for blending, and later with maturation developing a distinguished taste and nose and this fascination continues to this day in the artisans who create Hibiki.

Winning many gold awards, Hibiki 17 years is the embodiment and soul of Japanese craftsmanship. An elegantly poised, harmonious whiskey that will slowly and calmly reveal its complex flavors. It will wind its way toward the soul evocatively filling the whiskey conosieur with a deep sense of ‘Wa”, oneness.

Pure single malt whiskeys have been blended and carefully aged over time. Casks, including some made from the wood of a rare Japanese oak, Mizunara, have added their unique characteristics, enriching and deepening the distinctive nature of their contents.

Glowing amber, it has a floral nose enhanced with soft fruits; peaches, apricots and melons intermingle with delicate rose, lily and lemon leaf.

The palate is sweet with toffee, black cherry, soft vanilla and the woody Mizunara makes itself known. As you rest, enjoying the equilibrium induced, the finish is sweet and fruity, with a long lychee aftertaste.