Sugar Skull Mystic Vanilla 750


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Sugar Skull Mystic Vanilla Rum

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Sugar Skull Mystic Vanilla Rum

Sugar Skull is selection of artisan rums created passionately, with meticulous attention to detail. Containing only the finest natural ingredients, they offer a luxuriant new way for you to celebrate life and living.

Handcrafted in the beautiful Caribbean Islands, Sugar Skull rum is distilled in 4 column stills for purity, then filtered and blended into fun, unique flavor profiles with a distinctive crisp smooth base.

Inviting you to be as creative, as innovative as you please Mystic Vanilla is wonderful taken neat, or perfect on the rocks; its lavish layering of rich sweet vanilla opulently caressing your throat.

Versatile Mystic Vanilla makes incredible cocktails. Delicious, instant party starters, they are sure to lead you into new, unexplored territories.

Sugar Skull Mystic Vanilla is a game changer.

Go on...Get it. Have it. Any way you want it.