Stone Tangerine Express 22oz


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Stone Tangerine Express IPA

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Stone Tangerine Express is made of tangerine puree that makes this beer pithy. It also makes it have a crispy and bitter citrus taste. There is also a just a hint of pineapple for a backnote. This beer is not made for those people that their beer to taste like juice. This beer is for people that want a bold tasting IPA that will taste like an IPA. This beer also pairs well with some foods.

The bright citrus and tropical character of this beer pairs well with these super foods. These super foods include nuts, whole grains, lean proteins, fresh and dried fruits, and mild cheeses. This beer should not be paired with foods that have a lot of seasoning and rich foods. More challenging pairings for this beer consist of barbecue and other smoked foods, steaks, blue cheeses, strong herbs like rosemary, or an excessive use of garlic and chili. Some suggested food items for this wine include Ceviche, Fried Olives, Teriyaki Chicken, Lime Marinated Chicken Tacos, and Peach Melba. These super foods will bring out the flavor in this beer and will make any meal with it simply fantastic.