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Stone Enjoy By 12/25/2015 IPA 6 Pack Bottles

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Stone Brewing Enjoy By IPA

12-25-2015 | 6 Pack Bottles

When drinking a craft beer, unless it is one made specifically for aging, it is best enjoyed fresh. Stone Brewing Company has taken drinking craft IPA and hops freshness to a whole new level. 'Enjoy' has been brewed and is ready to drink. Specifically it is to be ‘Enjoy’ed right now.

Be warned; this is a hops extravaganza. Enjoy IPA takes hops varietals Galaxy, Nelson Sauvin, Motueka and Helga. Adds Ahtanum, Super Galena, Simcoe, and Delta. Then it mixes in Target, Amarillo and Calypso and then finally a dose of Cascade, each appearing during the the complicated brewing process that takes advantage of several different brewing techniques to get the most from each one.

'Enjoy' pours in your glass a bright gold color with a generous foamy head. Fierce, overwhelming aromas of hops abound. These are joined by the enticing fragrance of tropical fruits and juicy peach.

Smooth on the palate, the taste up front is of soft malt. But then the onslaught of the hops begins. It is accompanied throughout by the mouthwatering peach that was promised in the aroma. It is a beer with the perfect balance of bitterness and dryness.

Because it is available for such a short space of time and has been brewed NOT to last, it is essential that, to take full advantage of the pungency of the hops that you drink this extraordinary IPA now. Yes, Right now!

Excellent at anytime, Enjoy it alone, or with grilled chicken or BBQ steak or with spicy chili con carne. It will help wash down a generous slice of carrot or ginger cake, or smooth the way for your peach cobbler or cheesecake. It is also sensational with an extra mature cheddar or blue cheese.