Stone Enjoy By Black IPA 22oz


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Stone Enjoy By Black IPA 02.14.16

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Stone Enjoy By Black IPA

Enjoy By: 02-14-2016

Expect an ultra-fresh, aromatically hoppy companion to our groundbreaking Stone Enjoy By IPA. Like Stone Enjoy By IPA, it will be subject to periodic limited releases independent from the Stone Enjoy By IPA schedule.

So there you go…something to look forward to! Life is all about balance…well, except when it comes to hopping IPAs (wink). In the meantime, we will be spending some quality time with a couple old friends while they’re still around to enjoy. If you have a chance and are so inclined, we invite you to do the same.

For our 15th anniversary, in 2011, Greg and Steve asked that we brew the biggest, blackest, hoppiest black IPA we could, and that beer became Stone 15th Anniversary Escondidian Imperial Black IPA. “Escondidian” was a fun poke at the controversy that was developing around the proposed style name “Cascadian dark ale,” a name we thoroughly disliked, especially since the black IPA style originated in Vermont, nowhere near the Cascades. We always preferred to call the style “black IPA,” despite the oxymoron that name presents. But my logic was always that if craft beer drinkers saw a black IPA on a beer list, they would instinctively know what it was and how the beer would taste, and that worked just fine for me.