Stone Delicious IPA 22oz


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Stone Delicious IPA | Crafted to Reduce Gluten

Stone Delicious IPA

Crafted to Reduce Gluten

Pours- Beautiful Golden Head, thick 2 fingers deep with a fairly good retention. Nice lace rings remain behind.

Aroma- Definite on the lemon citrus grass, herbal hops are heavy, it has a fruit/perfume almost scent to it. A hidden asset that you can’t actually put a name to is it melon or pineapple, malts or honey- maybe a combination of all.

Palate- Floral Hops are forward, Lemon Citrus and Herbal notes hit you at the door, Crisp, Creamy Refreshing, Tingle follows a bit of grassy notes, good hold on the malt, light bitter aftertaste

Finish- Medium to light Carbonation smooth and creamy carries through and holds still lightly bitter

Overall: Gluten Free Beer- Pretty Good Choice, the lemon holds true and carries a nice body