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Stone Americano Stout Imperial Stout with Espresso

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Stone Americano Stout Imperial Stout with Espresso

The Stone Americano Stout was eagerly awaited in social beer clubs and fans everywhere. A dark brewed Imperial Stout with a heavy Slam of Expresso. If there was a Wake me Up Stout, this is it!

Pour - Doesn’t get any better than this, Extreme dark brown, excellent tan head and 2- 3 fingers of depth and retention, beautiful lacing, you almost hate to wash it all away.

Aroma -Thick rich, dark coffee roast, malts, cocoa, vanilla and fall/winter spices with definite signs of a hop presence and not in a bad way

Palate -The Expresso reigns supreme as it should, creamy/vanilla, roasted coffee, bitter chocolate, nutty, the bitterness of the hops has crept in more now lingers

Finish - Medium thickness, Average on Carbonation, long and warm- enjoy!!!!

It’s an Expresso with a bit of alcohol on the side, it’s easy on the lips be careful you may not be able to taste much of the alcohol but it is there and may bite the unknowing.