Stillhouse Peach Tea Whiskey


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Stillhouse Peach Tea Whiskey

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Stillhouse Peach Tea Whiskey

We've blended southern sweet peach tea with our 100% clear corn whiskey to make what's sure to be the smoothest drink you'll ever take from an oil can. The unique flavor of stillhouse peach tea whiskey is perfect for sipping on its own or used in your favorite cocktails.

Nothing says sweet tea like the south. Like a porch on a summer night and Gulf fritters doused in cane syrup, it's a thing of beauty. That's why we took our 100% clear corn whiskey and blended it with ripe juicy

Peach Tea has been make popular by the many vodka's that are infused with peaches. When you take it and move it to Moonshine, everything is elevated from the flavor to the scent. Peach Tea is a winner and here to stay for Moonshine, as they explore all the flavors they can make with Corn Whiskey.