Starward Two-Fold Double Grain Whisky 750ml


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Starward Two-Fold Double Grain Whisky

Starward Two-Fold Double Grain Whisky

Two-Fold was our chance to forget compromise. To make a whisky that was as affordable and approachable as we wanted, we had to tear up the rule book (a renegade act we relished, we'll admit).

It was worth every effort. Sip Two-Fold neat for a whisky that's smooth and full of flavour. Or pair with tonic, and rethink the G&T for good.

Nose / Bright red berries coated in buttery vanilla spice.
Palate / Imagine a smooth, rich caramel dessert balanced by tropical fruit.
Finish / Delicate and long. A delicious, dry finish from a faded sweetness.

When it comes to whisky-making, we're unapologetically Melburnian. Our aim? To make whisky that's unpretentious and easy to enjoy, however you like. Enter, Two-Fold.

It started with a question. How would our ideal whisky taste? It'd be easy-drinking, versatile and, most importantly, delicious. We chose two quintessential Aussie grains. First, for depth, malted barley. This new make spirit is the exact same as our Nova. Inspired by the craft beer scene, we ferment our barley with brewers' yeast for extra fruity characters.

We balance this with a spirit made from aromatic and dry wheat. Then it's time for each whisky to mature separately in the barrel.