St George B&E Bourbon 750ml


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St George Breaking & Entering Bourbon

St George B&E Bourbon

We love whiskey. And on occasion, we love stealing it.

With Breaking & Entering Bourbon, our plunder is your pleasure. To make B&E, Dave and Lance went deep into the rickhouses of Kentucky’s most venerable bourbon distilleries and brought several hundred barrels back to blend at our distillery in Alameda.

Plenty of spirits producers source spirits from elsewhere, then blend and bottle them under their own label and hope that you don't notice.

We're gonna tell it to you straight. Our nearly 30 years of artisan distillation experience have earned us credibility as craft distillers, and we aim to be worthy of your trust.

We stole this bourbon, yes. But we did it because we see blending as an art form in and of itself, and we think we've got a pretty good knack for it. Breaking & Entering is not a St. George distillate, but you can taste our influence in every sip.

We may be bourbon thieves, but we're honorable thieves. Mea culpa. (And you're welcome.)