St George Absinthe 750ml


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St. George Absinthe Verte

St. George Absinthe Verte

Bright golden green color, the St George Absinthe will astound the average lover of absinthes. The unique combinations and bold flavors are both creative and daring.

Before the louche, there is a bit of heat with the star anise send a wave of spicy flavors that can best be compared to hopped up Big Red gum. Throw all that in with a bit of a wild flower honey and sweet and candy like flavor and you have just the beginning of the aroma and an extremely thick louche.

After the louche, the same scents and flavor remain persistent with an addition of the smell of wormwood. The taste is dry with the typical slightly bitter but addictive and calling back for sip and sip.

The overall finish is a combination of sweetness fennel, basil and other herbs that display a very slight lemon balm and anise. The slight remaining presence of numbing remains and the flavors linger for a while, most likely calling for a bit more to enjoy.