St Feuillien & Green Flash IPA


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St Feuillien & Green Flash Belgian Coast IPA

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St Feuillien & Green Flash

Belgian Coast IPA


St. Feuillien/Green Flash Belgian Coast IPA 7.5% ABV, Bottle Conditioned To be honest, we don't get that excited by many collaborations. Some seem trite and phoned-in, some are just not tasty and some are blatant cash grabs. Not the case with the beautiful collaborations between Green Flash of San Diego, California and St. Feuillien of Le Roeulx, Belgium. This June, Green Flash brewer Chuck Silva made the journey to Belgium to brew Belgian Coast IPA with St. Feuillien Alexis Briol. They collaborated on the recipe and the labeling. Let's say that if the beer is as good as the bottles look, we are very geeked indeed. Upon tasting Belgian Coast, St. Feuillien's owner Dominique Friart had this to say: "We enjoyed the first bottles of IPA. Verdict: A richly fragrant, very hoppy nose with a slight fruity note. A powerful taste characterized by a very intense bitterness. In short, we are seduced and conquered!" The Brewery St. Feuillien boasts both one of the oldest and one of the newest brew houses in all of Belgium. There is nothing like it’s blending of old and new world, shown here to great effect in a collaboration brew with one of USA’s most creative breweries. The beers of St. Feuillien undergo second fermentation at a very low temperature for up to 6 weeks giving them a fine, sophisticated and delicious flavor. Beer this good takes time.