Springbank CV 750ml


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Springbank CV 750ml

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750ml In the words of Springbank, "What does CV mean? Chairman's Vat? Currriculum vitae? Curvee of Vintages? It means whatever you want it to mean, enjoying the whisky is the most important thing". A Springbank bottling without an age statement. Nose: The initial nose is a mix of subdued sherry sweetness, subtle peat notes, menthol and eucalyptus. Further nosing revealed a meaty character with complex hints of sesame oil and soy sauce. Palate: Subtle sherry notes come through along with a depth of oak and spice. These then evolve into notes reminiscent of our traditional Dunnage warehouses. Finish: The flavours remaining are mainly coming from the sherry casks, although right at the end a hnt of port tannins can be detected, perhaps suggesting the pedigree of casks used for the Springbank CV.