Spring 44 Old Tom Gin 750ml


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Spring 44 Old Tom Gin

Spring 44 Old Tom Gin

From innovation to black cats and wooden plaques, Spring44’s Old Tom Gin holds a story or two behind its golden amber hue.

Within every sip of this flavorful spirit, lies a bridge to history, stemming back to the English Gin Craze in 18th century London. In 1730, nearly 10 million gallons of gin were being distilled within the city, leading to exorbitant amounts of its consumption. Because the Gin Craze closely resembled the modern drug wars, Parliament passed many gin acts, taxing the liquor and eventually banning it altogether.

Appearance: A rich, barrel aged warm tan.

Aroma: Juniper up front with a background of light ginger and vanilla tones.

Palate: Nice juniper presence that is perfectly complemented with light citrus notes and hints of toasted spice. It finishes long and rounds out nicely with a touch of butterscotch sweetness.

Enjoy in cocktails, neat and on the rocks.

BOTANICALS: Juniper, Toasted Coriander, Lemon Grass, Orris Root, Galangal Root, Fresh Grapefruit peel, Fresh Rosemary