Spring 44 Gin 750ml


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Spring 44 Gin

Spring 44 Gin

Produced by two childhood friends in Oregon, but its birthplace is Colorado, where they get their spring water.

A little background on gin: These spirits are 60 percent water, so it matters where that water comes from. Basically, the better the water, the better the gin, and Spring 44 guys hang their hats on the fact that they’re sourcing from a spring in the Rocky Mountains as opposed to a tap from wherever.

But that’s not the only thing Spring 44 has going for it. On the first sniff, you get that iconic juniper nose of gin, which then gives way to a citrus scent, then warm spices and vanilla, even. Too many gins these days are masquerading as gins but are really just vodka-fied gins. They’ve watered them down, taking out those botanicals that many people think they don’t like in gins. It’s given gin a bad name. Not to get too precious about Spring 44, but there is a clarity and freshness to it–you can almost taste that spring water.

Appearance: Shiny with impeccable clarity
Aroma: Initially floral, with notes of lemon zest giving way to juniper spiciness.
Palate: Delightfully citrus on the front palate with lemon and lime zest. Mid palate showcases the juniper with hints of cinnamon and green tea. Finish is nicely dry and floral with distinct notes of jasmine and lavender.
Enjoy in cocktails, neat and on the rocks.
BOTANICALS: Juniper, Coriander, Nutmeg, Agave Nectar