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Sonoran White Chocolate

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Sonoran White Chocolate

Experience the cocoa sweetness of Sonoran White Chocolate Ale. This pale ale’s delicate aroma is lightly infused with white chocolate and sweet vanilla flavors, leaving a creamy feel on the palate. Topped with a heavy beige froth, this brew is the epitome of decadence.

Why worry about the details of what is or isn't, when you can just sit back and enjoy all of the things that make our White Chocolate Ale so damn delicious. While you're at it, let's think about all the cool stuff we did today (or didn't do). Either way this is the perfect time to find yourself.

Inspired by the beauty of the White Mountains; the Sonoran White Chocolate Ale is a light, refreshing and completely unique wheat beer. Like a fine chocolate, Sonoran Wht Chclt brew has a delicate aroma and a subtle taste of white chocolate, which is truly astonishing! For the ultimate experience; pair it with coconut shrimp or lobster. Enjoy one with your meal and another for dessert.