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Ska Vernal Minthe Stout

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Ska Vernal Minthe Stout

Real spearmint and peppermint Not extract — combine with cocoa nibs and vanilla beans to create your reward for making it through winter.

Ancient Greeks tell us (’cause we talk to them) that Persephone turned Minthe into a mint plant in a jealous rage, to keep the little nymph away from her man Hades. Jealous rages rarely end well, but if one did result in mint we’re glad: this is a unique and delicious stout, and we recommend having one while you calm the hell down.

SOUL MATES A sweet stout with real peppermint, spearmint, cocoa nibs and vanilla beans. A great dessert beer, or try it alongside any dish with mint in it, like Thai Grilled Beef Salad.