Sierra Norte Black Corn Whiskey 750ml


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Sierra Norte Mexican Black Corn Single Barrel Whiskey

Sierra Norte Black Corn whiskey has a tough and varied feel to it. You'll feel like you're visiting a mountain lodge after a full day of hiking and canoeing. This is a lodge that serves a meat and vegetable stew with pie for dessert, since this whiskey contains hints of all of those flavors.


A deeper corn note than White, the Oaxacan black corn retains a firm nugget of sweetness, aromas of banana skins and dusty earth. To sip, it’s creamy, cool, and refreshing, with light mandarin flavors, gingerbread, corn fritters, vanilla, and peppery heat from the French oak cask. The finish has gentle warmth, with root ginger and kernels of roasted corn. Distinctive and highly promising.