Sierra Nevada Beer Camp 2 12Pk


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Sierra Nevada Across America Beer Camp 12 Pack Bottles

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Sierra Nevada Across America

Beer Camp 12 Pack Bottles

Sierra Nevada has partnered with 12 different amazing breweries and friends of theirs to create and collaborate on some wow, amazing craft beer. They are calling this a one time only variety pack like no other.

From the brewer:
Great stories are often shared over a pint or two, and when you get 13 gregarious brewers together in one place the tall tales and crazy ideas begin to flow as fast as the taps can fill the glasses. Gathering this much brewing talent to work on a single 12-pack has been an amazing experience. We’ve long admired our partners’ beers, and it’s been an honor to combine each other’s brewhouse smarts to devise a dozen brews whose flavors are so wonderfully all over the map.

Oh, and about that map: this summer we’re all getting on a bus together for a whirlwind cross-country celebration of our mutual passions. For us, it feels more like gathering up our friends for the beer road trip to end all others. Come along with us and create some new stories of your own. There has never been a better time to be a beer lover.