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Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA

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Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA

A brand-new, revolutionary method has been discovered by Sierra Nevada company founder Ken Grossman, which means that you can now enjoy fresh, intense wet-hop flavor year-round!


With a short annual ‘ripe’ season of just 6-8 weeks, wet hops beers usually have a small window of opportunity. Hops must be quickly harvested; some used 'wet' to create those fresh hops ales, the majority dried for use over the rest of the year.

With this new method, before leaving the field, the 'wet hops' are steam distilled creating a very potent 'hop oil' that not only seizes but also intensifies the natural 'wet' hop flavors .

Having gathered this extraordinary 'hop oil', inside their brew kettle and unique Hop Torpedo Sierra Nevada Brewing Company combine it with vast quantities of traditional whole-cone hops and the outcome is totally unique and exclusive beer that is profound in its favor and aroma intensity.

The fragrance is meadow-fresh, a newly delivered floral bouquet. Citrus fruits, pine needles and a light touch of malt.

It pours bright and clear. A golden-yellow topped by a lacy white head. Medium bodied, with light carbonation,

Hops comes forward in the taste, grapefruit, orange, pine and malt. It is well balanced with a touch of sugar cookie sweetness and has a pithy-citrus bitterness that carries on in the finish.

An out of this world IPA experience, serve HOP HUNTER IPA with Stilton or intense Bleu veined cheeses… or with a meaty hamburger topped with crumbled blue cheese and roasted red pepper. It is also sensational with wood-grilled salmon or maybe a barbecued beef brisket.