Bubba's BS Burnt Sugar Whiskey 750ml


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Bubba's Secret Stills BS Burnt Sugar Whiskey

Welcome to the enchanting world of Bubba's Secret Stills - where BS stands for Bold and Sensational! We invite you to savor the intoxicating allure of our BS Burnt Sugar Whiskey, a liquid symphony blending the enticing taste of caramelized sugar with the refined spirit of premium whiskey.

Bubba's BS Burnt Sugar Whiskey is no ordinary drink; it's a unique sensory experience that promises to be the life of any party. Whether you prefer to enjoy it neat, savoring its distinct flavors, or paired with the lively effervescence of cola or the vibrant zest of orange juice, it's always an exciting adventure for your taste buds.

Feeling daring? Ignite your taste buds with a thrilling twist - mix it with your favorite margarita blend and savor a spectacular Key Lime Pie Martini. It's an exotic cocktail experience that's sure to leave you pleasantly surprised.