Bonterra Merlot 750ml


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Bonterra Vineyards Merlot

Bonterra Merlot is produced from organic grapes and is prepared to be of the highest quality in fruit value according to the Bonterra Vineyards. Hand grown, cared for and selected; there is more attention to detail and assurance put into every bottle of Bonterra Merlo than one may think. It is never just a bottle of wine. The Bonterra Merlo holds a 13.5% abv.

Type: Red Wine

Sweetness Extra Dry

The aromas can not be stifled once this beauty is opened. The luscious scents of dark fruits such as plums, blackberries and more can be breathed in intoxicating numbers.

The palate enjoys robust, complex and yet smooth combinations of these aromas with the nice touch of the oak barrels, dark dried berries and vanilla spices.

The Finish combines it all together into a complete package and turns out the final product. The soft tannins come forward and carry out a long and satisfying finish