SelvaRey 3-Pack Bruno Mars Combo Rum


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SelvaRey 3-Pack Bruno Mars Combo Rum

SelvaRey 3-Pack Bruno Mars Combo Rum

SelvaRey 3-Pack Bruno Mars Combo Rum brings you the taste of the tropics, with a sweet and smooth taste that's perfect for sipping away those Summer days.

SelvaRey White Rum
A three-year-old rum brings the youth and vibrancy of fresh-cut sugarcane which is rounded out with notes of caramel and butterscotch from a mature five-year-old rum. This blend is delicately charcoal-filtered to remove the color, leaving elegance in its place.

SelaRey Chocolate Rum
Rather than use a neutral base spirit like most flavored products, we select a delicious five-year-old rum whose inherent richness is enhanced by the infusion of natural chocolate. SelvaRey Chocolate has quickly become the most awarded flavored spirit ever.

SelvaRey Coconut Rum
The most popular rum flavor was in desperate need of a makeover. Once again we broke the mold by adding elegance, quality, and sophistication to a downtrodden category.

We infuse a velvety coconut essence into a vibrant two-year-old rum. The result is tropical paradise in a glass.