Savage & Cooke Guero Rye 6 Year Whiskey


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Savage & Cooke Guero Rye 6 Year Whiskey

Experience the unparalleled complexity and beauty of Guero 6 Year Old Rye, finished in Cognac barrels by Master Distiller Jordan Via. Crafted with a stunning 6 year old rye, this exceptional blend is finished in Cognac barrels, bringing a rich and sophisticated touch to its already exquisite flavor profile.

Guero 6 Year Old Rye boasts a nose of spiced apple, butterscotch, and roasted almonds, leading to a full-bodied palate with notes of dark chocolate, black pepper, and warm spices. The result is a truly remarkable whiskey with a long and smooth finish, featuring a touch of sweetness that makes it stand out from the rest.

Crafted in small batches and with a meticulous attention to detail, Guero 6 Year Old Rye is a true work of art that embodies the passion and dedication of its makers. Its beautiful color, smooth texture, and bold flavor make it a standout addition to any whiskey collection.

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