Sauza Hornitos Lime Shot Tequila


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Sauza Hornitos Lime Shot Tequila

Hornitos Lime Shot is a twist on the classic tequila shot, and makes for a cool, but not too sweet finish. We use only 100% blue agave tequila and our infusion process captures the flavor of fresh lime to create a sweet, citrusy tequila drink that’s perfect for enjoying on the rocks or in a cocktail.

Hornitos Lime Shot is a clear spirit that imparts the distinct aroma of authentic Hornitos Plata Tequila and a unique agave flavour that is approachable and pleasingly light with a slightly dry finish. 

Double distilled and unaged, Hornitos Lime Shot joins the Hornitos family, including Hornitos Plata, Reposado and Añejo tequilas, which continue to cultivate the best and most flavourful agaves, molding them into premium spirits that everyone can enjoy.

Crystal Clear With A Hint Of Green Lime.

Sweet With Citrus And Agave Notes.

Sweet Entry, Then Salty And Slightly Acidic Notes, Keeping The Agave Note Of Silver Tequila.

Mildly Sour And Bitter.