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Sauza Extra XA Anejo Limited Edition Tequila

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Casa Sauza XA Edición Limitada Extra Añejo

Casa Sauza XA Edición Limitada Extra Añejo is proving to be elusive. It is sophisticated, an award winning refined tequila and with only a limited number produced, it is much sought after.

Presented in an elegant glass tequila decanter, accented with leather strap and metal buckle, this ultra-premium 100% Weber Blue Agave spirit has been double distilled before being aged, resting for three years in small hand selected and perfectly toasted American Oak barrels.

The result is an exquisite pale glowing amber nectar which delivers an exceptional and extraordinary ultra-smooth sipping experience.

Casa Sauza XA tequila showcases the floral aromas of the hibiscus flower, jasmine. cooked agave, sweet nutty almonds and chocolate.

Warm, smooth and crisp tasting, the fresh character of the agave is set off against the pleasant woody notes and tones and in the finish is a richness and lingering smoothness that is delightful and enticing.

Perfect with sweet and rich desert like pecan pie, creamy tiramisu or to accompany a decadent black forest gateaux or enjoy it along with an after dinner coffee.